coffee story ethiopia gift bundle First Ascent Majka Burhardt
coffee story ethiopia gift bundle First Ascent Majka Burhardt
Majka Burhardt First Ascent Coffee

Ethiopia Coffee Addict Gift Bundle

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Looking for a gift for a true coffee fan?  It doesn't get much cooler than this!

We have teamed up with Majka Burnhardt journalist, professional athlete, and activist— to offer autographed copies of the second edition of Coffee Story: Ethiopia.  This book is full of gorgeous photos of the homeland of coffee itself.  Learn about coffee's history, the people who farm it today, and the traditions surrounding this magic offering.

Of course, anyone reading this book is going to want to curl up with a cup of Ethiopian coffee!  This gift bundle comes with 2 bags of Ethiopian coffee— one natural process and one washed— to compare with each other.  And an insulated Yeti mug with the 360 top, so you can drink from any angle.

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Bundle includes:

  • One autographed second edition of Coffee Story: Ethiopia.
  • 1 bag each Ethiopia Natural Process and Washed process 
  • One Yeti Rambler 12 oz cup with Hotshot lid (you can drink from every side of it!)