About Us

Our lives are shaped by the Rocky Mountains that soar above Crested Butte, Colorado. As the owners of a small, specialty coffee shop in town, our adventures in the surrounding mountains often came with extra equipment - pounds of whole beans, grinders, a french press. After years of carrying the extra weight, we decided there had to be a better way. We didn’t know what that may be but we were determined to figure it out. And so began our journey to make the perfect cup of coffee perfectly transportable.With lots of curiosity and grit, we started trying things - we sourced beans from our favorite regions. We roasted to different levels. We brewed to different strengths and we evaporated and evaporated and evaporated. Until we came up with a perfectly selected, perfectly roasted, perfectly brewed coffee that just happened to be instant. Eight years later, we are just getting started. Our perfect cup of coffee - is perfectly transportable and we are on a mission to bring great coffee to where people need it most - before a climb, after a long ride, before morning hikes, during kid drop offs and even for a laugh on a NASA space missions. We are First Ascent, and we make make specialty coffee that’s ready to go wherever and whenever you are.