Reason to Believe

Our selection process

Every season, we select the highest-grade specialty coffees available. This is the same coffee we sell as fresh-roasted whole bean coffee.  We don’t “dumb it down” just because it’s instant coffee. Selections are made through a series of blind tastings known as “cuppings” in the coffee world.  We might taste up to 6 coffees from the same region at a time to pick the best of the season.


We have years of experience roasting specialty coffee.  Our goal is always to balance sweetness and body while still highlighting the unique characteristics of each coffee.


We don’t need to wait days to receive roasted coffee like some makers, so we brew the freshest coffee possible.  We could boil the life out of this stuff to get a higher yield and to bring down the cost, but we don’t. We brew our coffee precisely, so you don’t have to measure or time anything.   The result is a smooth, full-bodied coffee with less bitterness.

The art of freeze-drying

Yes, it sounds funny, but there is an art to freeze-drying coffee.  Starting with fresh-brewed coffee made a few feet away from the drier certainly helps.  Through our experimentation, we have found that low heat and longer freeze-drying times dramatically improve the taste of our Hand Crafted Instant. As with our brewing process, we could take shortcuts, but we choose to offer you the best quality coffee we can make.


Packaging might not sound like the most interesting part of our process, but it is a key component to our quality. We could choose to outsource this step, but this would result in our product sitting around a packaging facility for a long time.  We can package our Hand-Crafted Instant the minute it’s finished, which ensures that it is fresh.  It also keeps more work within the community that we love.