Sam Higby answers Every.Last.Coffee.Question.There.Is.

Sam Higby answers Every.Last.Coffee.Question.There.Is.

Greetings, from Crested Butte!

It has been an exciting month in our roastery, and we wanted to share what is happening in our world.  If you are in Jackson Hole, you can now buy or Handcrafted Instant Coffee at Teton Mountaineering and the Exum Guides shop.

We also received a great review from one of our favorite backcountry ski touring blogs, Wild Snow. "...A cup of coffee that tastes actually like a good cup of coffee. One you might not realize was instant if someone just handed you a cup." To read that review, and to get some backcountry ski stoke on, click here.

Owner Sam Higby visited the Blister Gear 30 podcast, and dropped over an hour of coffee knowledge on listeners.  We're pretty partial to Sam, so we listened to the whole thing.  However, on the Blister Review website, they actually list the topics covered and at what point they cover them on the website.  So, you can go straight to the topic you have always wondered about, like "Light vs Dark", grinders, and brewing methods. Click here to check out the topic list, but you can actually access the episode "A Very Deep Dive on Coffee" on your favorite podcast app.

These days, online masterclasses from experts are quite the fun thing to explore while staying safe and healthy.  Why not enjoy this free chance to learn a lot about coffee from a man who has worked as a barista, barista trainer, roaster, quality control taster, and coffee entrepreneur?

Thank you for your support!  We hope there is a nice coffee break in your near future.

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