Production Upate

Production Upate

We have been looking for a solution to our production problems and we finally found it!

As most of you know we’ve had many equipment setbacks over the last couple of years; and this past spring our freeze dryer failed for the last time. We realized that as much as we wanted to continue manufacturing in Crested Butte, making sure we could consistently offer our delicious instant coffee to our loyal customers was just as important. 

That is why, over this past year, we have searched for a partner to work with. We wanted someone who is dedicated to the craft of specialty coffee in the same way we are; a partner with the equipment to produce a delicious and consistent product for you, our customers. We searched and searched, and tasted sample after sample, and our search led us further and further away from home. To meet our exacting standards we had to search the world over…literally…and this past spring we were finally able to find the right partner, and they just so happen to be all the way in New Zealand. That’s right, First Ascent Instant Coffee will be produced in New Zealand. 

So, What does this mean? 

We will continue to have a presence in the community as we fulfill and ship orders and produce our fresh roast coffee from our same factory space here in Crested Butte. Instant coffee orders will be manufactured in New Zealand, and then shipped from our factory in Colorado.  

We are so grateful for your continued support as we make this exciting change. Thank you!

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