Ethiopian Yirgachefe

Ethiopian Yirgachefe

Offering a direct trade Ethiopian coffee to our customers is so gratifying. 

Many of us already love drinking coffee from the country where it originates –  The Motherland. But the country's unique trading systems made it difficult to know where your coffee was coming from. Coffee farms in Ethiopia tend to be very small plots of land. Lots from many small farms and washing stations tended to get combined before they were sold.

For decades, Ethiopian coffees were sold at auction by the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, which was often a convoluted and corrupt process. Cooperative unions formed around 2000 brought more power to small farmers. In 2008, the advent of the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange improved quality grading and led to higher prices for farmers, but still made it difficult for buyers to know which microregion or washing station the coffee was from.

In the last few years, traceability has significantly improved, and direct trade is now possible. We find our current washed Ethiopian offering from the Tamrat Alemayehu washing station to be delightful, and we are grateful to have the information we need to support the farms that use this washing station for seasons to come.

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