Hero Day Blend - Medium Roast Coffee

Hero Day Blend - Medium Roast Coffee

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ORIGINS: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia
TASTING NOTES: Candied Almond, Milk Chocolate

Our most popular coffee. A medium-roasted blend with balance - perfect for those who like light smokiness and roasted notes, but not so much that it overwhelms the cup. 

While the countries of origin and farms may vary seasonally, our goal is to maintain a consistent flavor profile over time.  Current coffees are from Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia

What is a hero day? Whether skiing, biking, or engaging in some other mountain activity, sometimes you have a day when you can do no wrong; you always pick the perfect line or stick your landings.  Whether you are headed outdoors or working from home, let's make it a Hero Day.

We roast on Mondays and Thursdays and ship the next day.  All orders placed on Monday or Thursday after 9:00 am will be shipped after the next roast day.