First Ascent Instant Coffee Sample Pack
First Ascent Instant Coffee Sample Pack

Instant Coffee Sample Pack

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This instant coffee sample pack includes one single-serve packet of Dawn Patrol (dark roast), Hero Day (medium roast), and Ethiopia (light roast).  Free shipping.  Limit one per customer.

We get it.  You're skeptical.  Maybe the idea of instant coffee evokes memories of burnt, stale cups of compromise.  Perhaps you can't imagine that instant coffee could taste good enough to justify paying more than you have for Nescafe or Starbucks Via.  And words, words, words (even from Outside Magazine and Forbes) aren't going to convince you.  

For just $5, we will send you a packet of each our Hand-Crafted Instant Coffees- Ethiopia, Hero Day, and Dawn Patrol.  When you receive it in the mail and make it in your kitchen, hot or cold, we know you will get what all the fuss is about.  You're going to want some of our instant ready to go for camping and iced coffee season. 

We start by sourcing specialty-grade coffees that are in season from small farms and co-ops. We roast it just like we roast all our coffees, striving to highlight natural flavors and sweetness. Finally, we brew for quality and proper extraction, making sure that the final result is balanced — it is neither bitter nor sour.  A hand-crafted instant coffee that is lightweight, convenient and delicious.

Try all three varieties of our Hand-crafted Specialty Instant Coffee. Made one small batch at a time at our roastery in the heart of Crested Butte, Colorado (elevation 8,909 ft.)



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