Colombia Pink Bourbon - 10 oz. Bag

Colombia Pink Bourbon - 10 oz. Bag

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TASTING NOTES: Jolly Rancher, Champagne, Lime


This coffee is a limited edition offering. We are selling bags of this coffee in advance of roasting in order to ensure that we do not waste any roasted product.  We will do our best to offer you a precise roast date upon your order.  The first roast date will be Thursday, August 6th.


The story of Finca Monteblanco is one of experimentation and exploration, of asking questions and carefully figuring out the answers. Rodrigo Sanchez and his team started out with curiosity and developed an entirely new system for harvesting and processing coffees.

The origins of this "Pink Bourbon" are a bit mysterious.  Sanchez discovered a group of shrubs on the finca with rosy pink berries and broad leaves that resemble those of the prized Gesha.  Sanchez knew that his grandfather bought the shrubs in a town that had an experimental farm in the 50’s or 60’s that grew 500 varieties of coffee.  In 2014, Sanchez started devoting space to cultivating these unique shrubs.  

This coffee is processed using Finca Monteblanco's “fruit juice” method of anaerobic processing. Anaerobic fermentation is known to give coffee more precise and uncommon flavor profiles.  Cherries are put in a sealed tank without oxygen for 4 days. The lack of oxygen slows down the fermentation process.  The cherries are then depulped and put in the tank for another 60 hours. This step is significantly longer than the typical time frame of 12-36 hours. Once they have reached 38 degrees celsius they are washed and dried. 

First Ascent is proud to bring this special lot of coffee to you.  In these times, why not add something truly special to your morning ritual?  Enjoy!