Holiday Collaboration with Majka Burhardt, author of The Coffee Story: Ethiopia.

Holiday Collaboration with Majka Burhardt, author of The Coffee Story: Ethiopia.

We have a very special relationship to Ethiopian coffee.  When we ran a cafe, we called it a "gateway drug."  Once your eyes have been opened by a proper Ethiopian coffee, you will never be the same.

Learn more about Ethiopian Coffee on Thursday Nov. 19th at noon MST, when Sam will be speaking to Majka Burhardt, renowned professional climber and author of Coffee Story: Ethiopia.  Pop on over to Instagram and find us at @firstascentcb for an interesting convo about Ethiopia, its coffee, and why a professional athlete was so captivated by Ethiopian coffee tradition that she was compelled to write a beautiful book about it.

Click here to read an excerpt from Coffee Story: Ethiopia.


If you're a fellow Ethiopian Coffee lover, check out our holiday gift bundle that features an autographed copy of Majka's book and two bags of our Ethiopian Coffee (one washed process and one natural process). A $120 value for $99!


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